“I was 35 weeks when I found Liz. I was originally looking for a doula not even thinking I’d be lucky and find Liz who is both a doula and midwife. After talking with Liz and telling her about my first experience with my daughter and how horrible the birth and the first month home was; I decided on a home birth. I was trying for a vbac and never thought I’d get the chance at a home birth. It worked perfect for us since I was already having a problem with the hospital not allowing my firstborn to be a part of the bonding. I know without a doubt the first time I heard Liz’s voice over the phone that I had complete trust in her. At 40+5 weeks I went into labor. Liz came as soon as active labor hit at 11 am on Sunday.

I labored at home for about 20 hours and pushed for a long 3 1/2 hours but this baby was stubborn and not wanting to come. Liz suggested going to the hospital and it was the best suggestion given the fact that size of the baby was keeping him from making his way through. When we got there again I pushed another hour but nothing. I then asked for a c-section and Liz stayed the whole time, even held my hand in the OR room. She made sure that I’d get my birth experience I lost with my first. She made sure once the baby was out we still got to have skin to skin. I got to hold him the whole time. I think the baby was only away for about 10 minutes. The whole time Liz made sure the baby was safe and that I was safe. I had him 7am Monday morning and she never left my side. If it wasn’t for her I feel my experience would not have been amazing. I have not one complaint about my birthing. I’d do it all over. The experience I had at home for as long as I did gave me the chance to bond with my husband and first born and gave me the chance to try for something hospitals were keeping me from.

Thank you Liz for all of your support and being there in every way I needed you. It’s like you knew the right times to say the right things and the right touches when needed and in the end I had the best experience with the best Christmas gift, a beautiful 10lbs 15oz baby boy.”

Tirrah, Albany Home Birth Client

Being a first time mom, I had so many questions and fears when it came to my pregnancy and birth; I had no idea what to expect. I am so lucky and thankful that I was able to have the best prenatal care and birthing experience with Julia and MidValley Birthing Services! Every prenatal appointment, I never felt rushed and all my questions were always answered and any fears were put at ease. They were so easy to work with when it came to scheduling appointments as well, which I was so thankful for! I felt confident in their abilities and knowledge to help me through my birthing experience. I am lucky to say that I am completely happy with my birth story thanks to Julia!

Chloe, Salem Home Birth Client

Having a natural birth was very important to me and hiring Liz made that possible. She was a great support to my husband and me. She continually encouraged me, telling me that I could go on when I was at the point of wanting to give up. She worked well with the medical staff and made sure my wishes were upheld. I am so grateful to her because not only was I able to have the labor I wanted (well, I wish it were shorter!) but my son was delivered safely and came out healthy and alert. Going through labor was the most intense and difficult thing I have ever done but I feel proud to have survived it and having Liz there made all the difference. 🙂

Trisha, Lebanon Doula Client

From beginning to end my pregnancy was filled with so much stress. I was actually planning to have my birth at a hospital with and OB/GYN, but when circumstances changed and I ended up in her area in the last few months of my pregnancy, Julia welcomed me into her office with open arms. She was SUCH a blessing! I honestly don’t know how I would have done it all without her. She was always kind and understanding. Her office staff and assistants were the best. During my labor everyone was so patient and calm, helping me to focus. My baby was born, two weeks late, but in her own time without an induction and free of complications. She was completely healthy and I was so pleased with the care that was given to her and to me postpartum! I felt like I was in such good hands, and whenever I had any questions I felt totally comfortable calling Julia. She would always have an answer or send me to someone who did, and if I was nervous about something she would make a home visit! Such an overall awesome experience! She’s the best and I hope be able to have her as my midwife again next time!

Trinity, Sweet Home Home Birth Client

When I had my daughter I had a bit of a rough recovery and some postpartum depression. This time around I decided to advocate harder for the birth *I* wanted and knew I could have. This started with us leaving my OB’s office and seeing a midwife and it ended with placenta encapsulation.

Let me just take a moment to tell you about this placenta encapsulation.

It changed my life.

I’m not even exaggerating.

When I delivered Levi, my midwives saved the placenta and another midwife friend came and picked it up later that morning and had it back to me 24 hours later, all ready for me to take as pretty little green pill capsules. I have felt absolutely incredible this time around. My emotions are more even, to the point that I barely feel like I had a baby. I can truly say that I will never NOT do placenta encapsulation in the future. I’m sold.
Mamas, if you’re interested in trying encapsulation, contact my friend Liz at Birth With Liz. She’s awesome and you won’t be disappointed!

Mikaila, Albany Placenta Encapsulation Client

My experience with MidValley has been amazing. Julia has always gone above and beyond for my family. I can’t imagine how I would have delivered my daughter without her. She kept me in check, and was incredibly sweet and professional. The care she gave during both the prenatal and postpartum periods (and beyond!) was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I will definitely be calling her for my second child and have referred friends to her for their future children.

Britanee, Albany Home Birth Client

I chose Liz as my midwife when she helped me realize that I CAN VBAC at home, and she helped me realize my strength and trust in me! We talked, I prayed, and boom! I transferred from a big hospital to having a home birth, and never looked back!

One of the biggest driving factors for me was wanting to VBAC so badly, I knew if it had ended in another cesarean then we would be done having children. When I birthed my sweet baby vaginally at home (HBAC), it was the most empowering experience of my life. It helped me heal over my first son’s birth.

Liz helped me achieve my goal of VBAC by always staying calm, never once doubting that I could do it. Her being so sure really helped me to be! My biggest challenge for my HBAC was my friends and family, I was sooo worried about what they would say and how they felt. It was difficult for me when I received words that were less then encouraging… but I talked to Liz about my feelings and quickly felt better. Her encouragement meant so much to me during the whole pregnancy and afterwards. Her care was beyond what I imagined.

The biggest part that stands out to me was just her love. When a stressful situation occurred during my pregnancy she stopped and prayed with me, she was always so loving! The most valuable thing to me was her support, and knowing I could text her or call whenever. As a friend and a midwife I value her so very much! My VBAC was wonderful.

Ali, Lebanon Home Birth Client

I would like to thank you for being there through my daughter’s birth. I was so worried and scared with her wanting a home birth, after such a long troubling birth with her first child. But after witnessing the marvelous work you’ve done, and including her family, really made me a true believer. I highly recommend a home birth for any mother to be. Thank you for all you do! It truly is a better way to start the miracle of life you create. Again, a million thanks.

Michelle, Mom of a Lebanon Home Birth Client

I first found Liz 20 weeks into my first pregnancy in 2014. After an emotional visit to the ER when they couldn’t find my sweet babe’s heartbeat (old, faulty doppler), and had to do an ultrasound, I confessed to her at our church how scary it was. She said that she could have come over to my house and checked with her new doppler, I asked how so, and the rest was history! I didn’t even need the consult that she gave my husband and I to know that she would be my care provider the rest of my pregnancy. I did have to birth in hospital my first delivery. He was posterior, and not putting the pressure against my cervix that I needed, and so I had stayed at 4cm for a long time.

Even then, she stayed by my side and supported me through the remainder of those 63 long hours of labor, and 3 1/2 hours of exhausting pushing. She encouraged me to continue even when I felt so tired that I didn’t think I could. Helped with different techniques I could use even while being stuck to the hospital bed because of my epidural. She IS the reason I was able to vaginally deliver my son, although he didn’t work with me well enough to have him naturally/unmedicated.

I contacted her the same day that I found out I was expecting with my second (roughly 4 weeks), and also suggested her to my sister-in-law, who contacted her right away, while still trying to conceive.

After nearly 4 weeks of prodromal labor, I went into real labor at 41 weeks at 2am, and labored in my living room on one of my son’s very large bouncy balls, and the bathtub until calling her at 5:30. Labored with her and my husband in the kitchen/dining room while Julia and Bailey arrived and set up the birthing tub in the living room leading to the hall of our house.

The three of them excelled at comforting me, helping me to stay calm during my contractions, and helping me to understand what my body was doing during the intense contractions near the end. They encouraged me greatly. These wonderful ladies made me feel cared for, loved, and most importantly safe. Giving birth in my own home was extraordinary, and I plan to do so again with the same midwives with my next child. Simply incredible, understanding, supportive women. I never doubted that everything they did was in mine and my baby’s best interest.

Chelsea, Lebanon Home Birth Client

My sweet baby boy Nolan Robert was born on September 5, 2013 with the incredible care of Julia and her team. I had an amazing home water birth that turned out exactly as planned. I knew from the very first time I met Julia and her team that my experience was going to be flawless. Julia always made sure she answered all my questions and concerns, this was very important to me being a first time mom. Julia’s vast knowledge always made me feel well cared for and comforted during and after my pregnancy, from the office visits to the home visits. I really appreciated the variety of her services as well. Being a first time mom I was really interested in taking a class, which she offered, and I learned so much by the end of the class that all my silly little fears melted away. I was also interested in encapsulating my placenta, which she does too! She walked me through exactly how she does it and all the amazing benefits. I must say she is a “one-stop shop” for everything during your pregnancy. I highly recommend Julia, and once you meet her you will be glad you chose her services. Thank you so much for being an astonishing midwife! I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Teresa, Salem Home Birth Client