Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer water birth?

Yes! I offer water birth and have a few birthing tubs that are available for a small fee for use in your home.

Do you do VBAC?

Yes! I am happy to support women who want a vaginal birth after cesarean and are within the scope of my license, and I am happy to discuss that option with you!

Do you offer lab work and ultrasounds?

Yes! I can offer you all of the same lab work and ultrasounds other maternity care providers offer.

Can I eat and drink during labor?

Yes! I encourage women to eat and drink throughout labor as they need to keep up their energy and stay well hydrated!

What pain relief options are available at home?

We can support you through the intensity of labor with a variety of tools, including freedom of movement, change of position, heat, ice, massage, counter-pressure, verbal encouragement, water and other non-pharmacological methods. We do not offer any sort of pharmacological pain medication in the home setting, as it increases risk and requires increased monitoring not available at home.

What kind of breastfeeding support do you offer?

We offer as much breastfeeding support as you need! We will help assist you in getting baby latched on after birth, will help you learn what a good latch looks and feels like, will be checking in with you about nursing at every postpartum visit, weighing your baby at every postpartum visit, and are also always available by phone if you have any questions in between. We can also offer some referrals if there seems to be a larger problem going on.

Do you offer placenta encapsulation?


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to make paying for your birth an affordable experience for you.

Do you do breech and twins?

Yes! Breech and twin births are within the scope of my license, and I am happy to discuss those options with you!

Do you accept clients in their second and third trimesters?

Yes! I am happy to accept clients who are transferring into my care later in their pregnancy.

What sort of equipment do you carry?

I carry all of the equipment I might need at a birth with me at all times. This includes oxygen, resuscitation equipment, a variety of prescription anti-hemorrhagic medications, local anesthetic, suturing supplies, IV equipment, doppler, stethoscopes, sterile instruments and a variety of other things. I’m happy to show you my equipment any time and talk with you about what they are used for!

Who comes with you to the birth?

I always bring a trained assistant to the birth with me, who may also be another licensed midwife, so there are two sets of trained hands should a complication arise.

If transport becomes necessary, will you come with me to the hospital?

Yes! Should transport become necessary, either for medical reasons prior to labor, or during labor, I will accompany you to the hospital, provide them with all pertinent prenatal information, and remain with you in a support and advisory role until after your baby has been born and you are both settled in. I will then resume postpartum care on the normal postpartum schedule.

What is your fee?

Your out of pocket cost will vary based on your insurance coverage. If you call with your insurance information before your consultation, I can call to verify benefits and have your out of pocket estimate ready for you at you consultation.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We can accept most insurance as an out of network provider.

Do you accept OHP?

Yes! Effective January 1st, 2015 it is even easier to get OHP coverage for your out of hospital birth!