Frequently Asked Questions

How is midwifery care different? 

Midwifery care is based on relationship. We spend a lot of time with our clients, in order to  build a trusting relationship that makes their care safer. Prenatal visits last between 45-60 minutes, so there is plenty of time to answer all your questions and really get to know the midwives who will be coming to your birth. In labor you are our only focus, and we are available to support you throughout your labor. Postpartum care is another area where midwives really shine! We see you five times over the course of six weeks, with three of those visits in the first week. This kind of support enables you to feel confident as you establish breastfeeding and find your new normal. 

What about tests and ultrasounds?

As licensed midwives, we have access to all the same tests that are available with any other obstetric care provider. We can collect labs in our office, including all routine labs and genetic screening. We can also order ultrasounds at local hospitals and imaging offices. 

What supplies do I need for a home birth?

Our practice provides every client with a birth kit, which contains all the disposable supplies for birth, including underpads for the bed, cord clamps, gloves, pads, mesh undies, peri bottle, sits bath herbs and a variety of other things.  We also provide birth tubs and disposable liners free of charge.

The only supplies we ask you have are a stack of towels and a bottle or two of hydrogen peroxide!

What happens at a home birth? 

Our first priority is to make sure both mom and baby are safe. We assess maternal vital signs every four hours in labor, and listen to baby's heart rate with the doppler every thirty minutes or so until pushing. But we are also there to support you emotionally and physically as well. This can include massage, counter pressure, encouragement, and offering tips on position changes and ways to make labor more comfortable. As labor progresses to the pushing stage, we monitor baby's heart rate more closely, to ensure all is well. Once baby has been born, we monitor you and baby without interrupting your precious bonding time. All vital signs are done with baby on your chest, the placenta is delivered, and we practice delayed cord clamping. Mom and baby are never separated, and the newborn exam is done right next to you. We check for tears and can put in stitches if needed. Once everyone is stable and tucked in, we leave you to rest until we return the next day. 

Is it messy? 

Nope! We have plenty of supplies to contain any mess there may be, and we take care of any cleaning that needs to happen. All you and your partner need to do is rest and cuddle your new bundle. 


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Who can be at my birth? 

That's up to you! We don't place any arbitrary limits on who you can have present at your birth. It is a defining moment for many women, and you should be able to choose who you want present to support you. 

What are my options for pain relief? 

While there are no pharmacologic pain relief options available out of the hospital, there are many comfort measures that can be done at home. These include one on one support, freedom of movement, position changes, heat, cold, massage, counter pressure, and water therapy. Many women find they are better able to manage their pain in the comfort of their own surroundings. 

What happens if there is an emergency?

While emergencies are rare, they can happen. Midwives are well trained to handle a variety of complications at home. We carry emergency equipment and are always prepared. This includes oxygen and resuscitation equipment, IV equipment and anti-hemorrhagic medications including Pitocin, Cytotec and Methergine. There are some emergencies that cannot be handled at home, and in those instances we facilitate hospital transport via EMS. 

What about VBAC?

We gladly care for women who are wanting a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. We have a 91% VBAC rate in our practice and would love to talk more about your options for birth. 

What about twins or breech? 

In Oregon licensed midwives can care for women who are carrying twins or who have a breech baby at term. We have some experience with both twins and breech and would be happy to discuss these things further during an in person consultation. 

What about the cost? 

Our fee for home birth services includes everything. There are no extras you'll be responsible for, so you always know up front what your maximum out of pocket will be. 

Does insurance cover home birth? 

Most insurance does cover homebirth. The coverage varies depending on the terms of your plan. We are happy to contact your insurance and get you an estimate of your benefits and out of pocket cost. 

What about OHP? 

OHP does cover home birth with licensed midwives in Oregon through a prior authorization process. We'd be happy to discuss the process in depth with you!


What if I've already started care somewhere else? 

It is important to feel comfortable with your care provider, and sometimes you discover your needs could be better met in a different setting. We are happy to accept transfers of care, and the process is pretty simple. Contact us today to find out how to get care started. 

What about newborn care? 

Midwives in Oregon also provide routine newborn care for babies born in our practices. We offer Vitamin K, eye prophylaxis, newborn metabolic screening, newborn hearing screening, and the CCHD screening. We also provide breastfeeding support and will assess your newborn's vitals and weight at each postpartum appointment. 


What is an IBCLC? 

An IBCLC is and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. They are the gold standard in breastfeeding support and care. IBCLCs are required to have specific health sciences education, 90 hours of lactation sepcific education and up to 1000hrs of clinical experience before they can sit for their exam to earn their credential. If you have breastfeeding questions or concerns, and IBCLC is the most qualified professional to help.

What about the birth certificate and social security card?

We take care of filing the birth certificate and requesting the social security card for you. It's quick and simple. 

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